I have a question about my wii


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When i turn off the wii the light (led) goes to a orange color, and if i wait like 2 minutes the blue light of the part from the dvd reader starts to shine. (is this wierd???) Because before i downloaded the actualisation, when i turned it off nithing happened... please help


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If your Wii's Disc Drive glows blue when it's in Wiiconnect24 mode (a standby mode where the Wii can receive messages and updates), it means you have a message. Switch on your Wii and check the Message Board to see what it is. ;)

Here's the code.

Green: Wii is ON.
Red: Wii is OFF
Orange: Connect24 mode.


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Shripe said:
LOL you just got yours? What time zone are you in? Because I got mine exactly at 8AM o_O

Oh i didnt have my wii plugged in then (travelling from girlfriends back to mine a few miles up the road) i just plugged mine in and got it then haha

Im in the greenwich meantime zone lol, so UK! :)


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romsmans said:
Thank you very much Squiddy, you solved half of my problem...XD now how i turn off the Wii
PD: sorry for the ignorance

I've already answered your problem on the shoutbox but just in case you miss it:

To turn off the Wii go to your Wii Console and hold the power button for 5 seconds till it turns Green to Orange to Red. Red means your Wii is OFF, meaning no power is being used on the Wii, wheras WC24 takes up the power of one small light bulb per day.

That's provided you have Wiiconnect24 on - if you don't, just press Power and it'll turn Red, meaning it's off.