How to make a CS: Source Buy Script


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* Setup *
First, we'll need to make an autoexec for your buy scripts to go in.

Open up the C:\Valve\Steam\SteamApps\youremail\counter-strike source\cstrike\cfg folder
Right-click anywhere in the folder, from the pop-up menu go to New >>> Text Document
*** I recommend using Notepad for editing / creating config files to prevent any possible problems ***

Open up the New Text Document and go to File >>> Save As

For the File name: "autoexec.cfg"
For the Save as type: All Files
For the Encoding: ANSI
Once it's saved it will create a new document called autoexec.cfg, this is where you will enter in your commands.

* Entering Commands *
Buy Scripting in Source is very similar to 1.6/CZ except that you need to add "buy" before whichever weapon or item you are going to purchase. Other than that, it's pretty much the same, so here we go.

First type which key that you want to bind (for this example we will use f1)...

bind f1
Now, decide which weapon you would like f1 to buy, we'll use the AK-47:

bind f1 "buy ak47"
And that's it...of course there's more things you can add such as buying Primary Ammo, Kevlar, Grenades, etc. So we'll do one so that we buy an AK-47, Primary Ammo, Kevlar, and a HE grenade:

bind f1 "buy ak47; buy primammo; buy vest; buy hegrenade"
You can also combine 2 different team specific weapons into the same binds. Like the AK-47 and M4A1:

bind f1 "buy ak47; buy m4a1; buy primammo; buy vest; buy hegrenade"
That's all there is to it...of course you'll need to know the names of what weapons you want to buy in order to put them in your script...

* Weapon Bind Names *
Here is the list of the weapons and equipment you can buy and their proper bind name...also note that these are the real weapon names and not the fake VGUI weapon names just in case you're wondering why they're listed differently here.
Glock G18 Select Fire - glock
HK USP .45 Tactical - usp
Sig P228 - p228
Desert Eagle - deagle
FN Five-seveN - fiveseven
Dual Beretta 96G Elite - elite
Benelli M3 Super90 - m3
Benelli XM1014 - xm1014
Submachine Guns:
Steyr Tactical Machine Pistol - tmp
Ingram MAC-10 - mac10
HK MP5-Navy - mp5navy
HK UMP45 - ump45
FN P90 - p90
Assault Rifles:
IMI Galil - galil
FA MAS - famas
AK-47 - ak47
Colt M4A1 Carbine - m4a1
Sig SG 552 Commando - sg552
Steyr AUG - aug
Sniper Rifles:
Steyr Scout - scout
Sig SG 550 Sniper - sg550
AI Arctic Warfare/Magnum - awp
HK G3/SG-1 Sniper Rifle - g3sg1
Machine Gun:
FN M249 Para - m249
Primary Ammo - primammo
Secondary Ammo - secammo
Kevlar Vest - vest
Kevlar Vest & Helmet - vesthelm
Flashbang - flashbang
HE Grenade - hegrenade
Smoke Grenade - smokegrenade
Defuse Kit - defuser
NightVision Goggles - nvgs
* Key Bind Names *
Here is the list of the keyboard keys you can bind and their proper bind name...also note that these are from 1.6 but I don't think that they've been changed in CS:S.
Keyboard Key - Key Bind Name
Space Bar - space
Caps Lock - capslock
Escape - escape
F1 - f1
F2 - f2
F3 - f3
F4 - f4
F5 - f5
F6 - f6
F7 - f7
F8 - f8
F9 - f9
F10 - f10
F11 - f11
F12 - f12
Pause - pause
Left Quote - `
Hyphen - -
Equals Sign - =
Backspace - backspace
Tab Key - tab
Left Bracket - ]
Right Bracket - [
Forward Slash - \
Semicolon - semicolon
Right Quote - '
Back Slash - /
Shift Key - shift
Enter - enter
Comma - ,
Control - ctrl
Alt - alt
One - 1
Two - 2
Three - 3
Four - 4
Five - 5
Six - 6
Seven - 7
Eight - 8
Nine - 9
Zero - 0
A - a
B - b
C - c
D - d
E - e
F - f
G - g
H - h
I - i
J - j
K - k
L - l
M - m
N - n
O - o
P - p
Q - q
R - r
S - s
T - t
U - u
V - v
W - w
X - x
Y - y
Z - z
Up Arrow - uparrow
Down Arrow - downarrow
Right Arrow - rightarrow
Left Arrow - leftarrow
Insert - ins
Home - home
Page Up - pgup
Page Down - pgdown
Delete - del
End - end
Mouse Button 1 - mouse1
Mouse Button 2 - mouse2
Mouse Button 3 - mouse3
Mouse Button 4 - mouse4
Mouse Button 5 - mouse5
Mouse Wheel Up - mwheelup
Mouse Wheel Down - mwheeldown
Keypad Key - Key Bind Name
1 - kp_end
2 - kp_downarrow
3 - kp_pgdn
4 - kp_leftarrow
5 - kp_5
6 - kp_rightarrow
7 - kp_home
8 - kp_uparrow
9 - kp_pgup
0 - kp_ins
+ - kp_plus
- - kp_minus
/ - kp_slash
. - kp_del
* - *
Enter - kp_enter
* Important Notes *
This is just some stuff to think about if you're having problems or are wondering about anything.

Don't use uppercase letters for the keys or else your scripts may not function properly.
If your scripts don't seem to be working, first make sure that you've setup your autoexec properly, then check spelling, and then format. Most errors are caused by misspelling.
If you don't have enough money to buy all the items, the game will buy in the order that you have the weapons/equipment listed in your script.
If you just want to buy single clips of ammo use either buyammo1 for primary ammo, or buyammo2 for secondary ammo, very useful for if you just want to buy one or two magazines of AWP or Shotgun ammo.
You can bind a key to use a certain weapon if you would like, which is very helpful with grenades, the following is an example: bind mouse4 "use weapon_hegrenade"
You can also add text headers in your autoexec in order to keep different types of binds separated and labeled. Just add "//" to the beginning to make sure that the game doesn't try to read it as a command. The following is an example of what my autoexec looks like, so if you need more examples of buy script set up look here:
//Walk Toggle Script
alias walk "+speed; bind q run"
alias run "-speed; bind q walk"
bind q "walk"

//Net_Graph Script
alias +netgraph "net_graph 3"
alias - netgraph "net_graph 0"
bind alt "+netgraph"

//Buy Scripts
bind kp_home "buy p228; buy vest; buyammo2; buyammo2"
bind kp_uparrow "buy m3; buy vest; buyammo1; buyammo1"
bind kp_pgup "buy p90; buy vest; buy primammo"
bind kp_leftarrow "buy galil; buy famas; buy vest; buy primammo"
bind kp_5 "buy ak47; buy m4a1; buy vest; buy primammo"
bind kp_rightarrow "buy sg552; buy aug; buy vest; buy primammo"
bind kp_end "buy hegrenade; buy flashbang"
bind kp_downarrow "buy primammo; buy secammo"
bind kp_pgdn "buy vesthelm; buy vest"

//Game Configs
cl_showfps 1
hud_drawhistory_time 1
hud_deathnotice_time 3
hud_saytext_time 5
cl_smooth 0
cl_ragdoll_collide 1
bind mouse4 "use weapon_flashbang"
bind mouse5 "use weapon_hegrenade"


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alot of headache becuase those scripts suck ;)

and one thing to watch for deli and everyone esle is that the armor that he put in his script is not a vest and helmet, which makes a huge diff, i believe vesthelm is the one you want.

scripts are definilty the way to go, good post deli


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you can just download this. its a nifty lil tool i use. pretty pimp
props to the creator. god knows i dont have the patience to learn code make something like this happen