How do i change my Router's Channel?



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What u do is u type in ur routers ip address into the addess bar then u go to channels and SSID and it has stuff including a bar of numbes from 1 to 11 (But i think thats if ur in uk) the 1 to 11 its might have a different range of numbers


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do you want to change your wii connection, or play with your router?
For wii connection settings, go into your wii's setting and change the primary connection

For going into your router... try going to on your computer to access your router.
check on the bottom of your router what the IP address is. then type that in the address bar, and type in your name and password. then you can change the channel in settings.


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i have a linksys

i connect my laptop to the router using ethernet cable? (if thats what its called)
then i run the disk it came with,
do all the settings till you get to the channel part,
continue with settings,

all done

hope it helps, btw im 12
i have a router wich resets all the time!
i have to configure it all the time