Hello wii Pros world



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laiscallonis said:
Hello every body I just arrived to the forum.. and so I'm waiting to be show around....any volunteers??? :D

Sure, welcome :)

You gain points as seen in the loyalty scheme http://www.wiipros.co.uk/coin-exchange-t-3.html here :) and you gain points also by posting about WII in the WII section.

Anything site related goes in the WII PROS section of the forum, anything WII related..in the WII and anything OFF TOPIC in the general section hehehe! I bet you'd figured all that out anyway!

Any questions just ask everyone!


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[size=xx-large]What a Honour.. [/size]:angel: I notice I got the Welcome to the forum from big posters and even from a Super Moderator and of course from the Boss himself:dance2:
Thanks a lot and thanks to anyone else is going to add his welcome to me. :)