Guess Who?


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This forum game is simple. I will describe nintendo video game characters, first or second party, and you name em! 2 guesses permitted, though.

1) Heres an easy one:
Pinkish, Spits out eggs, drops crystal balls...

Answer: Birdo
Winner: Danny
Good Job!

#2: Swordsman, Blue haired.

Answer: Ike
Winner: andrex13

Good Job

3) Red, Spiked fists, Can Glide

Answer: Knuckles
Winner: 20chambo07

4) In Silver Cave, Tough Pokémon

Answer: Red
Winner: andrex13

5) Red Bandanna, fond of cards, has no real name
Answer: Pokemon Trading Card game guy
Winner: deantimmons


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erm whats his name from F-Zero gahh cant remember he drives the Fire Stingray, erm im tottaly wrong but i need sleep and my mind is playing tricks gaaahhhh