Going for a DS-game...


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...but I don't know which. Haha...!
Please, give me some good names of games, and write why they are good. Doesn't matter if they are Us", Eu" nor Jp".

Stuff I want in a...

1st perspective shooter:
-Controllers like the one in MPH.
-Not too much talking.

2D game:
-Fighting systems like Lunar Knights (DS) or Sword of Mana (GBA).
-Good story

3D game:
-Good story.
-Good controllers.

It can be RPG's and everything, and of course it doesn't have to include the above stuff. But it would be a plus if it had it. :)


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Good suggestions, all of them. But thanks to them I saw that I didn't write what I allready had. =P

And I will not Import Zelda. I allready tried it on my R4 (yes, I use one. But only to try games out, so I don't buy crap. Hehe) And "understanding" is a very big part of Zelda. =P

Aw, well. I bought Diddy Kong Racing. (Ooooh, the nostalgy...). So if a mod or something would like to close the thread, then do it. :)

Thanks! :)