first ever nintendo console (including handhelds e.g gameboy)



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Mine was either a Megadrive or a Master system. (can't remember which)

Edit: Oh Fudge! I just noticed the part where it said "Nintendo" console. This is embarassing. :blush: Well, my first Nintendo console was the Snes, Yeah.


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Can you beleive my first NINTENDO was DS lite?

i've had friends with NES/SNES and played that all the time. But, I'll be honest and say that I was more of a Sega fan.


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I can't remember which came first chicken or the egg, no hang on Nes or Gameboy, but I had both.

I also had a couple of Game&watch handhelds if you can class them as a nintendo handheld console.


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My very first console was a super nintendo. I got it from my aunt's boyfriend and his games. I got his super mario game and he had like 95% done. so I erased it. 10 seconds later, when I started my own game, I did regret it. haha!

What a nice thing to discuss on my first post. I promise to click any pop up (but not buying anything) so you earn money to give to me :p. just kidding. just don't make it to a spam site where you can't go forth or back just because of the pop-ups