Favorite Sport


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Wats is your favorite sport?????? If footbal (UK) plz respond as soccer.
Mine is soccer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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My most favorite sport to watch is Boxing,
my most favorite sport in Video Games is Tennis,
and my most favorite to play in real life is Dodge Ball.


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Without doubt, handball! =)
Since I live in Sweden, it without competition one of the largest lands in the world for this sport.

Other sports are bandy and table tennis. Allthough I don't plan on being a pro in those sports, just handbal.

Met the entire Australian handball team (allthough they suck, it's still an entire lands team). But the best thing, I know 3 guys out of the Swedish handball team. And I've seen Kiel play lots of times. ^_^

My favourite team is R.I.K in Gothenburg, Sweden.