Existing Wii Points...


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Hey guys,

but i couldn't help but think that the Wii should have come with 2000 or so Wii points with the console. After we spent all the money they should have at least given us some credit! LOL!

Any ideas????


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I never thought of that before, but yeah--great idea!

I would be great if I never bough Zelda:OoT or Star Fox before because, damn, 10 dollars is cheap!


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I think they should've put some starting wii points up there after "agreeing" to that thing you had to agree to...
What was that thing again?
Some contract or something.


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Ye 500 so you can get a game or internet if you bought it recently......

it wont cost nintendo anything...

Divine Justice

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Yeah, it's a shame. I wouldn't have been able to keep it though, I find that whenever I have spare points I feel the need to spend them. It's so hard for me, I was barely able to wait for Kirby's Adventure to come out before spending my last 500 points, and as soon as I saw Galaga I snatched that up! :D But to my dismay it wasn't the version I wanted.... :(


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they should give points with the console, they would loose some revenue at first, but it would probably get people into the VC more so they would buy more points themselves, therefore getting nintendo even more money lol


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Thats true Jailbreak it will get people curious to see what other games you can play on the VC so they buy more Wii Points.