Does anyone have a Wii LAN Adapter for $10?



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i have 2 here got 2 for birthday but i live too far away by the time you do postge and that it would be cheaper to get in stores sorry


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I phoned Nintendo & got mine direct from them.
They aren't cheap, but non-genuine ones that actually work are apparently hard to find.
And for someone that has bought one because they have a wii & a wired LAN, they are indispensable. I doubt you will find one 2nd-hand.

My advice is to call Nintendo & ask them for a price.
Danny, personally, I suggest the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connector over the LAN Adapter, especially so since you use your Internet Connection for both your Wii and your DS.


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I Got A Lan Addapter But I Rather Get Wierless It Is Way Better Cause U Can Be Any Were U Want In The House With Ur Laptop