Doctor who, the fourteenth, preview thread

Anyone remember 3D movie maker? That program that came with computers eons ago?
I'm creating a series using (the modded version of) that program
I have a team of at least...6 people so far.

Me: Scripts, animation, voice acting
Bcoolbyte(ONM forum): Script writing
The rat lord(ONM again): Script editing and modelling
Wetherman(Ugmo inc): Various things
Brandon(erm, my friend?): Voice acting
Crupin(Ugmo inc again): Script writing, animation, possibly voice acting

I'm on my third warp sequence, and I think it's pretty good:

Please note that it ends abruptly for some reason. I fixed a few problems and changed the music it uses but I haven't uploaded it yet


This is the logo I made :D


The Doctor in the original warp sequence


The interior of the TARDIS. It's a little dull but I'll spruce it up later

If you want to help then just let me know