do you like the Wii Remote?



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nah nintendo are far to popular and the new "apple" look is so sleek and cool! the same reason lots of ipods are sold


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I like it, on Christmas morning when I opened it, I thought the wiimote looked tiny, and was pretty shocked... But now I love it, fits perfectly into my hand.


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It's pretty cool. The only bad thing is that the d-pad is hard on the fingers. My fingers get sore when I'm playing Streets of Rage.[/i]
When I first saw it, I thought it would be awkward to push the (then) a and b buttons (the ones that are now 1 and 2)
But it isn't due to the small size :D

It's defiantly better than the PS3's six-axis lol
They really need to let go of the past and try something new.