Do US wii games work in the UK?



You should be able to, all games should work on every console. You should be able to buy a Wii game from China and have it work on UK console, you'll just have to read the game in a different language.


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supersujay said:
u can probably find an mod from googleing something and then just do what it tells u to mod your wii

please give some better help advice than that. And sorry, I dont think US will work in Uk, or vise-versa


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The Wii is region locked so only games from your own region will work on your Wii.

The only way to bypass this is to mod your Wii and even then you will only get partial compatibility meaning not all imports work.

you mod by fitting a chip in your Wii, just type in Wii Chip into google and you will find them.