WTS: Cs Go Rank Boosting | No Cheating | 100% Legit

Boosting cs go rank, 100% legit, no cheating included. I am Global for about 9 months now, I have almost over 2k hours of playing cs go.

Accepted Payment Methods:
PayPal, CsGo Keys (2$ per key).

I go first only if I think that you're more trusted than me.
I will give you your money back if I fail to boost you, otherwise no charge backs.


Boosting ways:
The "lobby boosting" way and the "account boosting" (The method that is a lot faster and I prefer it.)

Why is the "account boosting" way better and why do I prefer it ?
  1. The time isn't usually fine for both of us since I have a team that I play which almost everyday and I live in east europe, so the time isn't always preferable for both of us.
  2. This method is a lot faster, since you are going to be always at the top and you are going to get more elo points. Then, I can boost you whenever I want, since I have the access to the account.
  3. And there are no scamming possibilities, since valve did the phone authenticator thing where you need the code from the mobile phone for almost every action. Plus, I have previously boosted a guy that had a knife, I was using hes account to boost him and he had the mobile phone authenticator and I had to get the code every time I wanted to login.
  4. One more thing why I can't scam you off because STEAM GUARD WILL LOCK MARKET TRADE FOR 7 DAYS, which means the boost will be over before I will be able to trade anything.