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Holy shit.

How old is she? Finding out you have cancer is a pretty big impression, but it's not as big if you're like 5 years old...

Also, could you give us some more details on it?


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My grandma had cancer 3 years ago in her liver. Unfortunantly died. This is not the case though with all cancer patients , with developing technology, hopefully they have found it early?

Our thoughts from the WiiPros team go out to you.


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Woah...sorry to hear that dude. :(

My cousin was aged about 11 when he got mouth cancer...luckily, he survived and fought it off for 2 years. He's now 14 and living a great life.

My thoughts go out to you.


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Just tell her to keep fighting against it, hopefully with the treatment thats available she'll get thru it. Just think positive :)
Everyone here is happy to help


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Gdog said:
she is about 14. i'm not too sure where it is, but i know she has it.

Sorry to hear, thats terrible, at such a young age too!

Just tell her to keep strong and believe, fight it! At her age its easier to fight than when you get older, she'll pull through ok :)