Can you shop on the Nintendo members site



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you can download stuff in a nintendo website with starpoints. but thats just bg-photos and screensavers. nothing for wii. yet!


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Some time ago you could buy the "Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End' Game for Wii
Step into the shoes of Captain Jack Sparrow! Courtesy of Disney Interactive Studios. Note: In order to play this game, you will need a Wii console.
" 6000stars but it's sold out now.


Hi laiscallonis

You Can not shop in the "money" way, All purchases must be made using Nintendo Vip 24-7 points,

These points are available with Nintendo products, games, systems etc. etc/...

When you have some points you can register them at the Nintendo Vip website,
You can also obtain points through regular visits to the Nintendo Site, refering friends, aswell as surveys (usually Nintendo approach you for Surveys if you have registered (added points) for a set game)))

If you havn't already joined Nintendo Then click the Banner below,
Then simply sign up and/or register your points cards (if you have any yet)

To start you off you will get a pile of points for registering, aswell

If your not already a Nintendo Club Member Click this Banner to get started....