can anyone recomend a good raceing game


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can anyone recomend a good raceing game, and how would these work, would it be controls or wiimote or maybe a choice.

im looking to get a good raceing game so please recomend.



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you turn the Wiimote sideways and use as a steering wheel, sort of.

Excite Truck has to be the best one.

GT Pro is really bad and NFS Carbon is a really dodgy port to the Wii, they should have let you choose whether to use as a steering wheel or regular controls.


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I would recommend Need For Speed Carbon, you can use either the Wiimote or Wiimote & Nunchuck you can also buy steering wheels to fit your Wiimote into.

You use the Wiimote like a normal controller.


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I'd recommend NFS, I don't own it but I played it over at my cousins quite a bit, thought it was fun. I'll be getting MK though once it comes for Wii of course.