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As you can see, this thread is for discussing the majorly under hyped game, Battalion Wars 2!

From Wiki:

Battalion Wars, originally to be titled Advance Wars: Under Fire, part of the Nintendo Wars series, is a real-time tactics game for the Nintendo GameCube.

A sequel, Battalion Wars 2 for the Wii was unveiled at the 2006 Leipzig Games Convention, and was awarded game of the year by IGN.

So it has already won game of the year by IGN!

In the original there were 4 Armies:

Western Frontier
Tundran Territories
Solar Empires

Then you also had Iron Legion who were a different factor...

The original game only had one mode, campaign, and while this was exciting, it was possible to complete it within a few days, although getting the highest possible ranks on each level would be a different matter. The game is colourful but it will still make you think!! Once you gained a certain rank on each of the campaign missions, you were able to replay those missions, even as the enemy

There are a multitude of different units that you can instantly switch to at any time in the game, ranging from Rifle Grunts to Solar Empire Plasma Troops to a Battlestation to a Gunship! In BWII, this will increase as you see newer Armies & more units being thrown into the fray! There are also Gun Nests which can be jumped into for some Minigun action

You can also count on a multiplayer mode and a Wi-Fi mode!

BWII Changes:

There are ships/boats!!! This is going to offer more ambush oppurtunities and more exciting missions within the Campaign mode!

There are 3 online modes:

Assault - In "Assault" one player simply defends a base while the other attempts to take/destroy the base in a time limit.

Skirmish - There is no time limit as this is better for tactical depth with both players fighting each other using the most of the new features like bases to give a more thought through attack.

Capture the Flag - Does what it says on the tin, Wi-Fi yet to be confirmed, this is for Wii to Wii games (LAN).

There is also a new playable nation, taking the numbers up to 6! They are the Angelo Isles. A huge new feature is 'bases' where you can build a HQ/Barracks/Factories/Airport/Docks which can also be captured, meaning you can produce more units.

It also seems that each nation will have their own map and specific vehicles, which should make each Country even more unique

Are you looking forward to this game?

Have you got something to say that I don't have in this gigantic thread?

Did you play or did not play the original?

Lets give this game the hype it deserves!

All information above subject to Wikipedia & IGN

Release Dates:

EU: 2008:(

Gameplay vids:




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there was a lot of info in your first post. Well done mate, but surely it could have gone into one of the two already exisiting threads on batallion wars 2?!?!?!


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Squiddy said:
How dare Nintendo delay a game developed by a BRITISH developer - Kuju Entertainment.

haha you should know by now that nintendo hates everything about europe, including our developers lol. but on topic icant wait for this, loves BW:1, it was a tad hard for me but still great fun.