At World's End



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I had it a couple of days before release, I have completed it already, its exactly the same as the PC version.

Now I am trying to complete the 360 version which is completely different.


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I usually don't go for big budget movie-games, as they are banged out of the studio rapidly and poorly. In my experience, games similar to Pirates (ie, Lord of the Rings, King Arthur, etc etc) have sloppy controls and too much cut-scenes.


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Wasn't this game available on the nintedno vip website in the starts catalouge for sumin like 6000 stars? It had sold out by the time I saw it

lord sam

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Sabretooth Penguin said:

I got Pirrates of the Carribean: At World's End yesterday!

I tried it out, and its an awesome game! Anyone else have it?

i do, it is a exsilent game but the only thing wrong with it is the story mode is die easy to complete.