Anyone seen Evan Almighty?


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Just been to see this.. Didn't rate the film at all really. Was slightly too far fetched for my likeing.

Anyone seen it?


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Jim Carrey has done better, yes. But Bruce Allmighty is almost perfect.:D
But, the funniest videos through time must be BlackAdder and Monty Python. :)


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Bruce Almighty was far better, but Steve Carrel is great, loved him in 40 year old virgin, i think he did quite well in this, i think maybe without the Bruce Almighty ankor holding Evan Almighty down (ie Bruce Almighty was never made and Evan Almighty came out first) then it might have done better!

I found the plot a bit tacky. There was no reason for all the animal to come on the ark. The flood only affected a small part of the town. There was some good humour in the film though...


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I havn't seen Evan Almighty yet and not sure if i will, i prefer Bruce Almighty. For some reason the 1st film is always better than the 2nd.


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Just saw this movie the other day, but I didnt like it as I thought I would.
I would have like it better if it was the same Evan from Bruce Almighty (personality wise)

It just feels like he was never that jerky anchorman, which is what made him funny.