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What is your favorite anime or Manga, Why???

-My favorite Anime/manga is Hajime no Ippo because it changed the way that i see the world.


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I myself prefer manga over anime, some of my favourites are:

- Rurouni Kenshin
- Blade of the Immortal (Love the artwork!)
- Shaman King


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These are my favourite anime movies (not in order):

Dead Leaves
End of Evangelion
Ghost in the Shell/2
Grave of the Fireflies
Vampire Hunter D/Bloodlust


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I just finished watching Elfen Lied.
It was really kool. It had swearing & titties & bloody violence & cute chics.

I also like Vandread that was pretty funny.
& Nadesico, Full Metal Panic, Please Teacher, Please Twins.


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metroidprime3rules said:
i hate them all waste of time and your life.

Then why post in a duscussion about it ?
If all you have to contribute is that you'll have nothing to do with it, then don't bother having anything to do with discussing it.


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it is airing an opinion tho >.> which was the point

elfen lied ugh i couldnt watch it, it seems too psycho for my liking =(