12 Pokemon for sale (you need to have pokemon diamond or pearl

Shadow Man

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Need 2000 Wii points, offering for them All 12 and I mean all not 1 not 2 but all:
1. Docile Movie Darkrai
2. Bold Movie Darkrai
3. Shiny Rotom
4. Shiny Deoxys
5. Shiny Kyogre
6. Shiny Rayquaza
7. Un-Hatched Manaphy Egg
8. Shiny Celebi
9. Shiny EEVEE
10. Shiny Shinx
11. Shiny Piplup
12. Shiny Turtwig

PM me Please

At the 6th Pokemon, the Wii point code (in the card) shoud be sent

Mail me at: shadowmanpokemontrader2@hotmail.com


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I have all of them if that is what you are asking.

I am willing to give for 2000 wii points.

PM me if this is what you are asking.

PS- I also have a The wishmkr jirachi in ecery way, except for it's moves, and a Maxed out shiny charizard :
draco meteor,pp 53
dragon rush,pp 53
spacial rend,pp53
judgement,pp 53

Tell me what you think.