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LF MMORPG like Blade n Soul

Discussion in 'Sony Playstation - PS3, Vita, PS2' started by eruairun, Sep 15, 2012.

  1. eruairun

    eruairun New Member

    Jul 25, 2012
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    Hi guys,

    I've been searching...searching...and searching but I

    havent been able to find any so what I want is;

    I would like to have mature graphics not too colourful

    that makes it look like its a bit childish. It HAS to

    be like 3rd person shooter It has been a while since I

    stopped playing point and click games. I dont mind

    grinding at all. The gameplay system can be like S4

    Leage where you press W twice to run faster and A or D

    + Space to dodge. I also dont mind any cash shops I

    dont really care about that. It would be fun if I could

    do REAAALY high jumps or flying would be nice (with my

    control ofcourse). I would like to have fully character

    customization not just body hair face but STATS too!..I

    dont want it to be room based if possible

    The games I have played´╝Ü

    Blade n Soul : Liked it but still not out in english

    C9 : Dunno why but I got bored...

    Rusty Hearts : NO!

    Dragon Nest: It's like...tera online but... free o.o

    APB Reloaded: I'm having graphical lag issues on that

    game and you make the same stuff over and over an~


    Ragnarok Online: This was one of the first online games

    I have played. Even tho it's point and click game with

    tiny little characters the world in it is amazing...

    Well I got bored after 6 years of playing..

    Yeah so from my game comments you should see that I

    have not yet found a game for my liking *sigh* so any


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