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The counterpart of Wii Sports. Comes with Free Wiimote!
Developer: Nintendo
Publisher: Nintendo
Release Date: US: 2/12/07 UK: 12/8/06
Genre: Genre
Modes: Single player, Multiplayer
Rating: ESRB: E PEGI: 3+
Platform: Wii
Media: 1 Wii Disc
Input: Wiimote (1 included), Nunchuk


Wii Play consists of nine games. All games are designed for 2 players, but can also be played by a single player, with a computer-controlled second player in games where it is necessary. No Nunchuks are required for any of the games; however, players can use a Nunchuk as a substitute for the D-Pad for the Tanks! game if they wish.

When Wii Play is first played, only one game is available. After completing each game (regardless of success) another game is unlocked and becomes available, until all nine games are available. In single player, points are earned in each game and the top 5 highest scores are stored. Getting high enough scores in single player awards the player bronze, silver, gold and platinum medals for that game. It also puts a message on the Wii Message Board saying which game and medal were unlocked, and gives a short tip for that game.

Table Tennis - A game of table tennis. The Miis are used in this game. You move the paddle by moving the Wiimote. First to 11 Wins.
Laser Hockey - A game similar to Air Hockey. You move the paddle by moving the wiimote. Alternatively you can press A and B to switch paddles. First to 8 Wins.
Fishing - A game of fishing. You move the fishing line by moving the wiimote and you lift it up to lift the fishing line.
Find Mii - A game like Find Wally. You have to find a pair of similar looking Miis.
Pose Mii - A player must move his Mii to falling bubbles using the Wii Remote pointer. The player must also rotate his Mii to the correct angle of the bubble by rotating the Wii Remote. In addition to this, as the game progresses, the poses inside the bubbles change, and the player must select the correct pose (out of 3 total). When a Mii is correctly posed in a bubble, it bursts.
Shooting Range - Players go through various rounds of shooting balloons, targets, clay pigeons, cans and UFOs. There are targets that have the faces of the player's Mii's which give points when the opponent's Mii is shot. Ducks drawn in the style of the ducks from Duck Hunt also occasionally fly by that can be shot for additional points. Bonus points are awarded for consecutive hits without missing. A secret in one-player allows a player to use two Wiimotes to dual-wield shooting.
Billiards - Players play 9 Ball Billiards like traditional pool games. Players line up their shot in both an overhead 2D and behind-the-ball style 3D viewpoints. They may aim for contact on the cue ball at any point to add spin or bounce or a different angle. They pull the cue stick (Wii Remote) backwards, then hit it forward to launch the ball. Instead of "Player who sinks 9 ball wins", the game awards points correspoinding to the number of the ball sunk (1 for 1, 2 for 2 etc.) therefore the game does not end until all the balls are sunk, three points are taken away for every foul committed.
Charge! - The player rides a cow by holding the Wii Remote sideways, and topples scarecrows to score points. The player can increase speed, decrease speed, as well as jump during this game. A time bonus is added to the scarecrow score, where one second is equivalent to one point.
Tanks! - This game uses the Nunchuk attachment (or Wii Remote D-pad) to move a tank about the screen. The player aims on a target and fires shells. Shells can rebound off walls once. Mines can also be placed that destroy all tanks within a certain radius. The aim of the game is to destroy enemy tanks while avoiding being destroyed. Initially there are only 20 missions (stages) but after achieving a gold medal by completing these missions, 80 more missions are granted and new types of enemy tanks become available. In the multiplayer mode both players attempt to gain the most kills at the same time as trying to get through the missions; this makes the game more of a team based rivalry, both helping each other yet competing against each other at the same time. As a player progresses more types of enemy tank are revealed, enemy tanks gain new abilities such as being able to fire rockets, lay mines, fire off more than one shot at a time, have multi-bounce fast rockets or even become invisible.

Concept: 7
Graphics: 6.7
Sound: 7
Playability: 7.9
Entertaiment: 7
Replay Value: Moderate
Overall Score: 7.2 - Avarage
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