Opinion on using Wiikey



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Personally i would not mod my wii while i have my warranty.
I have nothing against people that play "backup" games, but as i have found with my psp and ds, you don't get the full enjoyment from the game, you just end up playing for a few mins then swapping to another game.


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I totally agree with you, im thinking about modding my wii, but as you say, you just play one game for a little while then change, and dont really enjoy your games in that way u will if u buy them. In a other way you save plenty of money downloading and playing backups. Does anyone know if you can play online with backups and get like xbox 360 live banned but with wii?


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Everything works the exact same, as if you used the original. (Except for some GameCube games, but theres not too many of them)


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The WiiKey is ok, the only trouble with the WiiKey is it is only compatible with about 70% of Gamecube games where all the other chips are compatible with 99%.
It is quite hard to find games in the 30% of incompatible gamecube games but 2 are Naruto and Ikaruga, sometimes they load but crash during some parts of it.
WiiKey also strugles with Gamecube homebrew and GCOS multigame discs.

If you were just going to play Wii games from your own region then it is the same as all the other chips 100% compatibility.
As with all the chips, not all import games work. Some do, here is the compatibility list for games working on different region Wii consoles once your Wii is modded:

It does take some fun away from having so many games but if there is a lot of games you want and can't afford them then it is good. The trouble is when you have all the games you want you find yourself downloading other games just for the fun of it and once you have all the Wii games you move on to Gamecube games and it does become difficult to chose a game to play and then after 5 mins of playing you change your mind and want to play another one.