No Hardrive....:(


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Well as i was searching around i found this...

"Your Wii's small 512MBs of internal Flash memory may be approaching its limits with all the VC games available (ours is), and Nintendo has today announced Wii Software (WiiWare), which will bring with it even more downloadable content for Wii.

So surely the rumours suggesting a Wii hard drive is in the works are true, right?

Nope. We posed the question to Nintendo after the Wii Software announcement, and the answer was definitive.

"No," a Nintendo UK correspondent told us, trashing hopes of an E3 revelation with a single word."

The full link is....

so what do you think?


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hockeyhero said:
Danny said:
Wouldn't an SD card serve as an extra memory..

yeah but a hardrive would've been good too i geuss...

well you would think an SD would work, but been as your can copy vc games etc to SD card via the memory manager, they made it so that you can't run a channel or VC game from the SD memory


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wifey502 said:
but then surely you can transfer back to console from SD card when you want to play a particular game etc???

Yeah I do believe you can but were more talking about VC games taking all the space up.


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ok, if your spending enough on vc games to fill a 2 gig SD card, then surely you can afford to buy a second 2 gig SD card... lol