Howdy y'all.


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Hey folks,

I'm new here today, only got a wii t'other day so I am a serious newbie.
Wanted to say hi t'yall as you seem like a reet friendly bunch.
This site rules and I love the arcade and forsee many an hour wasted here when I should be perfecting my wii skills.
A little about me: I did the challenge on wii sports this morning and was judged to have the fitness of a 64 year old. I'm 27 :blush:

eviljim x


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Hi eviljim,
lol, your sig already made me laugh :D
I only got my wii a few weeks ago, but this community sure has helped, they really are a nice bunch.
Hope to see you around the forums :)


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eviljim said:
Hi EngWii,

glad to make your aquantance.

If you ever need a recipe I make a mean worm stew :)

Hehehe, you sure are a funny guy, you will be a great member of the community.
It's people like you that make a community what it is, lol, worm stew. :D