How Many Miis


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hey guys so as the title many miss have you created...i think i've created about 11 or 12...i know...i dont create that many miis..

p.s. i used the search option for this question and i didn't find anything similar to this so i thought i would ask...


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i've created about 70-80 but erased like 20 or so because i didn't like 4 draculas and 6 sylvester stallones :p. Now im more serious and just got people I actually know and some of my miis is made by my friends, that made themselves.


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I have made well over 100 but I deleted TONS to make room for my friends. (what is up with adding "head shot" to like EVERYTHING, seriously, it's NOT COOL haha.)


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Wii said:
Ryano said:
I have 100 but have only created about 10 of them...

Hehe someone sent you some?:p I hate when that happens and it takes ages to delete them....

Yeah I got alot sent to me but I don't erase them because most of them are really really good ones (like nintendo characters and stuff)