Hello, everyone!


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I'm a 15 year old boy from Sweden. I've loved Nintendo ever since my Grandad let me play Quirk for the Game Boy. And then G&W and NES.

Allthough, I almost didn't know what Nintendo were by that time, even though I allways played it.
Some years later though, with way too much playing time on my grandads GB, GBP, NES and G&W and my dads Commodore 64, I got my very own Nintendo 64. I fell in love with the game Mario Kart64 immediatley. And I became Nintendo's.

After lot's of hours spent with Zelda, MK64 and much more, I got a GBC in birthday present. I fell in love with Link's Awakening DX, and Bugs Bunny's Crazy Castle.

Some years after that, I bought a Game Boy Advance for my savings. Then a GameCube.

Now I own multiple consoles from Nintendo. But not only that both, XBox consoles too, and two Sega consoles. Yet, I am a pure Nintendolover!

Game Boy micro for the win. =)