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Thought yall can use this :)

Fraps guide for the Fraps-Impaired:

What is Fraps?

You can record stuff in game and take SS, especially for fun moments like people dying and etc.
There’s nothing to say really, but Fraps does require a pretty high end PC to reach around 30 FPS while you are shooting a video. Normally my laptop gets around 12-15 FPS while recording a movie, so it’s barely playable, but can be used to gather evidence or record cool footage, etc.

On how to use Fraps:

Well when you open the window up, you will see 4 tabs: General, FPS, Movies, and Screenshot.

We will be dealing with Movies and Screenshot.

When you navigate to the Movies tab, you will see several things. First the FPS at which you want to record ( I just leave it at 60), and whether you want to record sound ( I always do), and where you want to save it. Lastly, you can bind what key you want to press to save the video file to. Pretty much self explanatory. To have easier access, save all your video files on the DESKTOP. For those who have REALLY crappy PC’s I would shoot videos in half size instead of full size. Basically just experiment around with the settings until you get something that satisfies you.

I bind the key to F5 to capture movies.

The Screenshot tab is pretty much the same. But what is cool about Fraps is that you don’t have to print screen and paste everytime you take a screenshot. You can also automatically set the number of screenshot it takes in a given amount of time, say take a screenshot every second, or every 5 seconds. Also, save the pictures as PNG instead of the default BMP format. PNG is loseless.

I bind the key to F4 to capture screenshots.

That’s about it lol. Not too hard.

Regarding the key bindings, you don't have to follow what I do, just do what's most comfortable for you.

Processing Videos:

Processing videos is simple. Just use Windows Movie Maker. It will compress that beast video of 2 GB into like 10 MB.

Download for XP:

For Vista:
This video editing software should be sufficient in doing JUST ABOUT everything you can throw at it.