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Counter-Strike: Online

Discussion in 'Counterstrike CZ/CS/CSS/GO Forum' started by Shotgun, Oct 7, 2009.

  1. Shotgun

    Shotgun New Member

    Feb 13, 2009
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    Counter Strike Online features some game modes: Normal, Death Match, Team Death Match, Zombie Mode, Zombie Mode 2, Zombie Unite Mode, and Challenge Mode.

    The game also features new weapons and characters such as the * Thunder Squad?SOZO?and the Korean 707th Special Mission Battalion as well as the Japanese Special Attack Team. The game also introduces numerous new weapons and skins for previous weapons. - K1A submachine gun - MG3 - Vulcan Minigun (especially popular in Zombie Mode 1 and 2) - M18837 Winchester shotgun - SVD sniper rifle - MP7 submachine gun - FN2000 assault rifle - HK-416 (skin for M4A1) - AKM Black (skin for AK-47) - M249 LMG Red (skin for M249) - XM8 assault rifle - SCAR assault rifle - QBB-95 machine gun - VSK-94 marksmen rifle - Colt Anaconda revolver - Double MP7A1 (only available in-game in Zombie Mode 2) - Double Nighthawk (only available in-game in Zombie Mode 2) - CG-R60 machine gun (only available in-game in Zombie Mode 2).


    Has anybody played it?

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