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i haven't got it yet but i heard it's good but the xbox360 is better.

Call of duty 3 has gotten better reviews than the wii version.
The wii version got a 7.7 and the xbox360 version got 8.8 so i'm guessing it's better on the xbox360
I have it.The controls are very clitchy. If to much happens on screen the aim gets to one corner and u start to spin around wich is very anoing..But at some moments it shows that FPS really is for Wii, But beacuse of all the cliches esspecially when u have to do something else than just run and aim it really makes the game so much worse...But get MOH 2 Heroes , that game don´t gonna have those glichtes (acording to gameprevievs) and also 32 player online mode!!
acctually it works pretty well, have played Red steel and that really worked good, but little anoing that u had to move the cursor to the end of the screen before you started to rotate, but on call of duty it was the same congifuration as Pc FPS games. Call of duty was reli enjoyable those few times when there werent any clitches. I Reli think that Wii is the best console for FPS , not as good as mouse and keyboard , but not to far away :)


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Ryano said:
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I played on the PS2 COD3 the other day and really enjoyed it, its a pity this isnt supposed to be as good.

I never really thought COD games were great on any console tbh.

well. iv never played it on the PC, but i liked in on the PS2, really atmospheric


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I've finished Call of Duty 3 I think the controls are quite good yes they do sometimes stick, the only problem I had with call of duty 3 is that it is quite a short game I expected it to be much longer and much more difficult than what it was and also the ending was a bit of a let down:thumbdown: