BLOG: Gig - Foo Fighters 18th November 2007 - 02 Arena


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So i managed to get tickets for the FOO FIGHTERS on 18th November, at the 02 Arena, London.

Foo Fighters have been my favourite band for years probably 1999/2000 (There is Nothing Left To Lose time'ish) and i have not seen them yet (as i was mainly too young/had no money) but FINALLY i will see my favourite band, and possibly at the best time as i get to see songs from ALL the albums, great stuff!

The new song "The Pretender" is a classic, i reckon it will do well, it has a Led Zeppelin (Stairway to Heaven) feel to it, followed by the classic FOO FIGHTERS rock out noise!

LONG STORY short, the tickets came out AUGUST 31st and i missed them, EVERYWHERE seemed to be sold out, and i thought i was out of luck, but somehow that changed when i happened to click on the Foo Fighters website, then TOUR at the top, went to the ticket site and it said "ORDER" instead of "SOLD OUT", i went crazy, CLICKED IT as fast as i could, and the rest as they say...was history.

I shall now take my place proudly in the crowd of the 02 Arena, 18th November.