a ONE console future??

a ONE console future??

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"As part of the ramp up to Games Convention 2007 in Leipzig, Germany, a number of developers have taken the stage to conduct Games Developer Conference-style presentations -- including Silicon Knights President Denis Dyack. The Too Human producer's talk focused on a prediction that videogaming is nearing a one console future that could take place as soon as next generation, though Dyack provided no time table for when "next generation" might actually happen."

"Dyack's arguments pointed towards the commodization of automobiles and cell phones as unarguable proof that all technology, including videogames, are headed towards a single spec future, with software taking the center stage. PCs, however, are not included in such a scenario, as their specs are constantly changing -- this is a console only deal, from Dyack's view.

On consoles, however, "hardware differences will not only become less important, but lose their value altogether," he said. "Just like a DVD or a camera, everybody would know what those [standardized console] specs are. It's guaranteed your game is going to work." " Full link here

Good idea or a Bad idea?


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ohh so sony, microsoft, and nintendo team up and make one console together. I wouldn't like that because i like how there's a compitition between them and how they have to bring out new games and accessories so people would buy thier stuff.

Thnx though jesta for taking the time and posting this:friends:


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These guys are retarted... no one would have a one console future im sorry but that's just really stupid..
not only that but Dyack's company is a VIDEO GAME DEVELOPER not a console manufacturer no offence..


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I haven't voted because I'm not sure really.On the good side,it would be really fun to have a games console where not only can you create Miis but also watch blue-ray BUT on the bad side, it would be pretty expensive.Add the prices of the PS3,xbox360 and the Wii together and you would probably get an idea of how much this one console would cost.Thats just my idea though.


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The key word here is proprietary.
Manufacturers (IMHO) always strive to produce equipment that can mainly only play the software, etc that they distribute.
We've seen this happen with proprietary PC software, drivers, code, codecs, hardware, even proprietary usb interfaces for cameras & proprietary formats for media.

The companies design things so that it is only after we have bought their product that they start making the real money off us.

If anything, I believe it won't be long before we actually see some new brands of consoles on the market.

As such, diversification will happen before any sort of standardization.
And the big companies will avoid unifying their products with others at all cost.


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On the surface it seems like a viable plan, but there is no chance that all of the big console manufacturers would want to band together. If they did (just to be the devil's advocate), it would be a glorious day.


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a one console future would end the competition between the 3 main companies (microsoft,Sony,Nintendo) therefore they would be able to charge whatever they like for the console as there would be no cheaper alternative on the market. Also they would not need to strive to produce the best console as this would be the only one and consumers would HAVE no choice other than to buy this console.