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The Mad Scientist

Discussion in 'Stories' started by Kem Rixen, Jan 23, 2007.

  1. Kem Rixen

    Kem Rixen New Member

    Nov 5, 2005
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    After writing a short screenplay (five pages) for film class I was inspired to write. Here is the prologue and most of the first chapter of, what I hope to be, a very interesting story.
    Chapter the Fifth:
    I wish I wish I was a side dish.

    “I really wish I could grow a beard, all the greats have had beards. Even my fifth grade teacher, Mrs. Daniels had a mustache.”
    “Well, I'm really sorry sir, but this is the line for skydiving. Now, are you going to sign the forms or not?”
    Fredrick looked at the skydiver, he couldn't remember how he had gotten into this discussion about beards, or how Ted had talked him into skydiving in the first place. He quickly signed the forms, doing so in a fashion so that if he died it could possibly look as if they were forged. The skydiver didn't really notice, and took the forms.
    “Have a nice trip, I hope we can see you next fall.”
    Fredrick cringed, what a poor joke.

    “Now, if you want to cross this river you're going to have to...William, pay attention!”
    William, a short man with a top hat and goatee had been watching some birds fly by, so majestic, nothing like back home. He'd write home and tell them all about it. With the sound of the man's voice William quickly snapped to attention.
    “Now, as I was saying, as soon as you cross that river you will encounter all of the harshness of real life.”

    “I awoke suddenly as I was splashed with a bucket full of cold water, you know, the typical way to wake a sleeping person up and clean them at the same time. I wasn't very filthy, but since we all shared the same small area, I doubt anyone would want me to be. At that time I was a D.U.C.K. What's that you say? Well, honestly I can't remember. But I know it's important or I would have forgotten the acronym.”

    Ted turned and saw something he'd hoped never to see...

    Chapter 1:
    Every cloud has silver linen

    Fredrick was busy, it was his first day. Literally his first day, he had just been created. Fredrick was created from personalities of a few people, he was an experiment. An experiment to see if it was possible to create a functioning human from multiple personalities. There were many theories on the subject, in fact, it was the most popular subject to theorize on in the philosophical world. Many believed that the created person would go crazy under the strain of it all. Others believe that the person would constantly switch between the personalities and be, thus, be really annoying to be around. Another believed that at first the personalities would fight and eventually one dominant one would arise. The last theory, and least supported was that the person who take all the best traits and lose the worse and become a perfect person. This was the theory that this mad scientist was attempting.

    Calling him a mad scientist would be right, he was quite frustrated that nobody believed his theory. So in this sense he wasn't mad as in crazy, but just mad as in angry. Fredrick turned over, looked at the scientist, fought for the perfect phrase to say, for his legacy would be defined by his first words.
    “Fun is good.”
    The mad scientist broke into tears, he had failed. That was the worst opening line that any of his creations had said. He regained his composure quickly, he thought to himself. I can always create another, and, if all else fails, I'll just manipulate the data. The scientist turned to Fredrick.
    “Your service is not needed and never will be, please go away.”
    Unlike the other creations, however, he did not leave.
    “Can't I stay? Please?!”
    “No, now go.”
    But Fredrick wouldn't disappear, instead he stood up and walked across the room, and out the door.
    “I'm heading to the store. Do you need anything?”
    The scientist was stunned, but responded quickly.
    “Well, as a matter of fact I do. I need some milk, bread, and for you to go away.”

    Fredrick was walking down the street, it was a very pleasant day, sunny, but not too sunny. He thought about food, but as he wasn't actually hungry, he wasn't actually a person, he was just a collection of personalities that took the form of a human. He had been compiled from four different personalities, one was a lazy person, who never did an honest bit of work in his life. Another was a person plagued with never ending depression, but incredibly brilliant. The third was an old soldier who had a tendency to ramble. The fourth was the classic villain, with the mustache that could be twirled. Why these four were chosen were never understood by Fredrick, mainly because he didn't even know these were his four base personalities. But, that didn't matter, Fredrick was Fredrick, and as long as no one learned he was a terrible experiment gone wrong, he would be fine.
  2. Undead_Lives

    Undead_Lives New Member

    Jan 11, 2006
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    I like the introduction, extremely intriguing, makes me want to read more XD
    I will definitely be keeping an eye on this.

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