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Stoner group teamplay (NL/Int) recruitment open

Discussion in 'Clan Recruitment' started by Herrliquid, Aug 10, 2009.

  1. Herrliquid

    Herrliquid New Member

    Aug 10, 2009
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    Welcome heroes

    Stoner Group Teamplay who are we?
    we are a starting clan from holland that love to play BFH.
    we play hard we play pro we play stoned
    we play everyday. (if work lets us)
    but most of all we have fun.

    why go clanwise?
    we are trying to recruit more heroes so we can have a full group everyday when our EU server comes live(if it ever does ). and offcourse own every clan that hoppes on our server.
    we wil try to leave our mark in the bfh community.
    we will not try to be a hardcore clan with people who go mad if they lose, and alot of yelling over ventrilo, more fun laughing (stoned) but serious tho. we want to grow to become a fun pro clan with full groups online everyday
    we are still working hard to build a nice site and to get everything up and running flawless
    (so everything u see is temporary)

    why would u join us?

    We have fun without a 16 y/o clan leader yelling over vent not to take his plane.
    we Win (mostly)
    we have a great clan ranking and achievement award system
    we will be playing other games in the future.
    we got our own servers. (ventrilo/BFH server)
    we do have social lifes.

    What are we looking for?
    we are looking for serious gamers.
    above 21 Y/O (or atleast act mature)
    players near the EU.(due to time and ping)
    players that dont get offended to easy.
    players who know how to play there class.
    players that don't whine by this i mean people who keep on nagging about his broken class, or to manny snipers, or the manny cheaters, or overpowered classes, there lag (2 the whiners: if u dont like it go play hello kitty)
    Girls Are welcome to ofc.

    And last of all No Last Kill anouncement We dont care.

    Click here for our bfh group page

    If u wanne apply to SGT consider these things first:

    - You are playing the Nationals
    - You are atleast lvl 20 and doing all u can to be 30 asap(exeptions can be made!)
    - You are using the latest version of ventrillo
    - You speak english
    - You know how to act in a team
    - You know how to play ur class
    - Last but not least : you want to become the n1 group in battlefield heroes just like us

    If you can not find yourself in one of the above named terms dont apply. We are not a group that is just playing for fun. We are taking this thing serious. Ofcourse we make fun alot and can laugh especialy when we are stoned. The point is when we are doing serious matches against other clans we want them to remember us.

    If you wish to join us Goto: http://sgt.myclanwebsite.com/ go to our forums and read from there.

    Good luck and see you on the battlefield!

    Sgt ClanLeader HerrLiquid

    and thanks murpo for letting us promote our clan here thumbs up

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