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Looking 4 some new faces

Discussion in 'Combat Arms Clan Recruitment' started by D353RT F0XX, May 7, 2012.

  1. D353RT F0XX

    D353RT F0XX New Member

    May 7, 2012
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    :rolleyes: Just started a clan, lvl 1, low I know.But looking to recruit as many as possible, will be playing atleast 5 days a week. Which in turn will be lvling ourselves very quickly. So basically we are looking for more faces to help us with that. Their are many benefits ei: better equiptment at lower costs. Also I personally will be giving away nx/gp once inawhile for people who are doing very well, lvling quick, and helping out the clan. Will post more about that once our clan gets started. Already have some people with us.But as I said, looking for people who have time to spend, and lvls to acheive. :) Hope to hear from everyone soon. :) and will keep everyone updated for prize chances and so on.So after my mile long speech about our clan (lol) look us up and help us lvl Clan Name: D353RT F0XX ID# 2116

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