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How to find wii Friend Codes

Discussion in 'Wii Help, Cheats & Tips' started by kruze, Jul 21, 2009.

  1. kruze

    kruze New Member

    Apr 9, 2008
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    This thread is posted for people who are finding trouble finding their friend code. hope it helps

    1. Turn your Wii on
    2. Make sure you're able to connect to the Internet on it via WiFi or Ethernet
    3. Click on Wii Menu, then Address Book
    4. On the first page of your address book is your Wii consoles friend code. the rest of the pages are for you to put in other friend codes. And remember, if you register someone's friend code, you will not be able to message them until they have registered your code.


    Some games differ in finding friend codes, but this is most common.

    1. Turn your Wii on and make sure you can connect to Internet
    2. Go to your game's title screen
    3. Somewhere on the title screen it should say Nintendo WFC. Click on it
    4. Now that you are on WiFi Connection on your game, somewhere on this new menu it should say "Friend Roster".
    5. Click on Friend Roster, and you should either be able to see your code immediately or you will have to click a "My Friend Code" tab. The other tabs should be something about registering other friends and checking your roster.


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